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Susan Shapiro, an award-winning writer and professor, freelances for the NY Times, Washington Post, WSJ, LA Times, NY Magazine, Salon, Elle, Oprah, Wired & New Yorker online. She's the bestselling author/coauthor of 18 books her family hates like Five Men Who Broke My Heart, Lighting Up, Unhooked, The Bosnia List and her recent memoir The Forgiveness Tour. She lives with her scriptwriter husband in Manhattan and uses her writing/publishing guides The Book Bible and Byline Bible to teach her wildly popular "instant gratification takes too long" courses at The New School, NYU, Columbia University and in private classes & seminars - now online. Follow her on Twitter at @susanshapironet, Instagram at @Profsue123 or email


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Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic
How To Meet & Marry Your Match
by Susan Shapiro

A Delta paperback
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Good enough to schlep around in your purse.
Jane Magazine

Shapiro is a know-it-all who can't wait to stick her nose into your lackluster love life - and you'll be glad she did... She can dissect excuses for your sorry state of singleness... She orders you to shift your focus away from the superficial, which can blind you...ignore her advice at your own peril.
Newsday's Read Worthy How-To Book of the Week

...Fix-up Fanatic is part memoir, part self-help...Shapiro reveals her experience on both sides of a set-up. She's played matchmaker to 12 marriages, two pairs of live-in lovers and seven serious relationships...What is distinctive is Shapiro's tell-it-as-it-is manic New Yorker voice.
Australian Vogue

Sue Shapiro, who also wrote a make-you-blush juicy book about tracking down five ex-boyfriends...and appeared on E!'s #1 Single with Lisa a way better matchmaker than one of those creepy dating sites. Check out her tips and keep this book under tight watch.

If you think being fixed up will fix your life, fix your sights on Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic... Shapiro discounts online dating... in favor of the old fashioned referral- being set up by someone you she met her future husband through her former boss...She helps readers assess a good matchmaker...
Associated Press

Susan an amateur matchmaker with an impressive track record...She makes a strong case for using a matchmaker...If you take Shapiro's advice you'll definitely improve your life and will probably end up getting married. At the very least, you'll go on some promising dates.
Inside Bay Area

Valentine's Day has long been an opportunity to mope. However new books may keep hope alive. Secrets of a Fix-up Fanatic is chatty, readable...full of practical suggestions for those looking for their besherts. Her advice has two key tenets: love yourself first and then asked someone you know and respect to set you up.
The Forward

Hip New York journalist Shapiro has a hobby - she loves to fix up her friends...The best part? Unlike other relationship books, Shapiro's advice is blunt and to the point. Taking the honest approach she uses on her students, Shapiro urges readers to... improve themselves first and manages to shatter...myths single people have about dating."
Ottawa Citizen

With her raw, witty memoirs...Shapiro established herself as the queen of confession. Her new book is more upbeat... Shapiro advocates wearing lipstick and saving some neuroses for the third date...There's identical advice for men: take off the baseball cap and sneakers. Shave...A blind date could be the most important interview of your life.
The Villager

Fix-Up Fanatic may come with a hot-pink cover, but it's not all conventional wisdom. That's because raven-haired Shapiro...isn't your traditional matchmaker. She advocates marriage...but not for moral reasons. Instead she cites studies that say people in relationships are healthier and happier...Her central theme is self-empowerment...
Washington Square News

Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic focuses on improvement through meeting and marrying your match...Shapiro's message is that all single women need to turn to people who can help identify a soul mate. It's entertaining reading, and can even give ideas to those trying to help single friends find mates.

You'd think online dating would have replaced old fashioned techniques. Right? Wrong...Indeed the pop culture appeal of Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic has made its way into the Jewish romance industry...After reading Shapiro's book, I decided she was onto something....I've been on five fix-ups...Maybe this time my matchmaker actually made me a match.
World Jewish Digest
Frank, dark and funny
Signature Magazine

In this enthusiastic how-to, a happily married amateur matchmaker...asserts that by asking those in their inner circle to set them up, readers will find prospects far more promising than online or at the bar...Many of Shapiro's suggestions are unique and intriguing...
Publishers Weekly

A fantastic book
"Sex and the City" author Candace Bushnell
on her Sirius radio show "Sex, Success & Sensibility"

Funny and direct, candid but warm...Shapiro is passionate on the subject of matchmakers - not least because she owes her own marriage to one.
Pages magazine

If one of your New Year's resolutions is to read, here's a book to get you started: Susan Shapiro's Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic. We loved her other fast, funny sexy reads...So we'll cuddle up with Sue's latest this weekend, hoping it'll help woo some Worthy ones in 2007

Having a comrade, coworker or cousin fix you up for free is the oldest, cheapest, fastest, safest, and nicest route to landing love. That's the bottom line in Susan Shapiro's smart, witty new book Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic.
Our Town

Susan Shapiro is an old fashioned kind of gal. After being successfully set up with Aaron, now her husband of ten years, she wants her friends to find true love too. But the New Yorker doesn't recommend cyber-dating, speed-dating or bar-hopping - just old-world matchmaking.
Page Six Magazine

Shapiro has been happily married for ten years...Her advice is simple: Get fixed up by a trusted friend...Yes, that old-fashioned Jewish tradition - nearly made obsolete by the Internet and lack of communal life - is making a comeback. So forget the diamonds, chocolates...Find yourself a matchmaker to make you a match.
L.A. Jewish Journal

Traditional dating books are making a return, for example Susan Shapiro's Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic in which she explains why being set up is the oldest... sweetest route to romance. The key is to chose people who you really trust, and who can introduce you to prospective dates. An idea so retro, it's revolutionary...
Agence France-Presse

I love the idea of setting people up and watching them fall in love. I've tried it. I'm 0 for 37. I suck. Susan Shapiro doesn't. With 12 marriages under her extroverted belt, the author of Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic doesn't do it for money. She does it for the karma. Oh yeah and because it works.
AM New York

Anyone who has dabbled with Internet dating and found little success might consider the concept Susan Shapiro proposes: the best route to true love is through the guidance of a matchmaker. Shapiro's philosophy is compelling... She gave reliable honest feedback, encouraging and arguing... having a "love mentor" certainly makes you more open-minded.

...A nice lady author named Susan Shapiro bangs you over the head (clump-clump-clump) until you beg for mercy with her new book Secrets of a Fix-Up Fanatic. She hopes to help singles of all ages fed up with attempts at online dating, speed dating and bar-hopping...
New York Observer

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